How You’re the Business works:

There are a number of ways we aim to support SMEs through You’re the Business.

On-demand videos

Available to watch free of charge, they can be accessed through our website as on-demand videos so you can view them at your own pace.

Accessible courses

Courses are delivered as short, snackable, on-demand content, giving a strong foundation in each topic. Training offers practical tips and advice, with a quiz after each module.

Online tools

Explore a number of tools to help you with your online presence. From building your first website to exploring global trends to discovering new audiences, become familiar with a variety of online solutions.

Put AI to work for you

Artificial Intelligence is set to revolutionise how we do business. The AI tools that you can access here could help you overcome challenges and inefficiencies your business may currently face. AI may also help you integrate all the tools you’re using in a better way.

Assist your customers

AI can help you handle common customer inquiries 24/7, providing quick resolutions and freeing up staff. Program AI- powered chatbots on your website or social media channels with basic troubleshooting information, means you can give customers access to instant customer service support - reducing the burden on human staff.

Streamline your operations

AI can help you with data analysis - from inventory management to targeted marketing campaigns. It can automate repetitive tasks such as data entry, report generation, appointment scheduling, and more. Data-driven insights powered by AI can also help your business scale up gradually.

Boost your marketing abilities

AI can identify potential audience leads based on specific criteria. It can create targeted advertising and email campaigns based on demographics and interests. And then it can help you create your marketing assets, such as writing product descriptions, social media posts, and even basic website copy.

You’re the Business 2024 winners are here!

You’re the Business has a new batch of winners for 2024. Entries came in from across the country, and across all sectors. We were blown away by all the SMEs who took the time to enter and show us how they are rapidly adapting to a digital way of working. You can check out our 21 winners here.

Meet the winners

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